FAQ: Eagle Rock Global


1/ Is it easy to deposit to/withdraw from ERG Wallet?

Yes, this is very easy to deposit/withdraw from ERG Wallet, You can deposit/withdraw directly from dashboard user.

2/ Is it possible if i want to stop invest and get the money back when the invest is not finished?

You can not take the money back during the invest, only get back when the invest completed.

3/ Can i set 2FA to protect my account?

Yes, you can set 2FA in setting session (Account -> Setting -> 2FA)

4/ Should i must verify my accounts?

We encourage you to verify your account to easily handle it when you have a problem with your account.

5/ Who i need to contact when i need help?

You can send the email to

6/ What is ERG Trading Tools?

ERG auto-trading tools are excellent tools meant for cryptocurrency trading. Actually, if you have never had the chance to experiment with this then you are missing a lot. ERG Trading enables you to automate your crypto trading ventures and maximize your profits.

7/ What is ERG Mining?

ERG Mining is a company whose major business scope is building mining software to assist communities to earn their cryptocurrencies by the use of their electronic gadgets.

8/ Which devices i can use to mine ERG?

With the ability to use various electronic devices, ERG users are able to mine more every month. These can be kept or used with any retailer that allows ERG.

9/ What is the payment of ERG Mining?

With the ERG mining feature, it is amazingly easy for developers to integrate the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and e-commerce systems into its application. This facilitates other stakeholders acceptance of the ERG as a means of payment for their services and products.

10/ What is the the ERG social network?

The ERG social network is the primary decentralized platform administered by a society of peer to make use of cryptocurrency, influencer marketing and transactions based on blockchain to allow real end-to-end trade between businesses, people and machines. Interestingly, this is meant to happen without high-priced intermediaries. ERG’s social network is meant to meet users’ demands

11/ What is ERG’s application differ from other application?

The transportation application idea will bring a bit of changes that will be of great benefits to the user. For instance, the conversion of the business model from the infamous centralized app format into a decentralized ecosystem will enable access to the world market and minimize the cost of transportation for its users.

12/ Which platforms support the app?

Currently, ERG almost platform such as IOS, Android,.. and other platforms on PC are support the app.

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